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4 Best Practices You Need Now for Winning B2B Inbound Marketing

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Like any form of marketing, the best practices for B2B change over time do to new tools and approaches. Managing inbound marketing – especially content – has become increasingly important to B2Bs, as the Content Marketing Institute’s latest B2B benchmarks, budgets and trends report showed.

How is Hummingbird Going to Affect Your Business?

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Worried about how Google Hummingbird will affect your search rankings and organic traffic? It might not be as bad as you think. Hummingbird has been active for at least a full month now, which means that if you haven't been affected yet, you probably won't be—at least not in the immediate future. If you have been affected, there are ways to regain your standing.

What Should You Be Measuring in Social Media Marketing?

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Launching into a strategic social media marketing campaign can help you increase your brand’s strength, improve name recognition and get more ideally qualified leads into your pipeline. But what constitutes “good social media marketing”? It has to do with what you are measuring and why.

3 Steps to Avoid the Google Keyword Data Freakout

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Last time, we covered the news about Google’s secure search and what it means for targeted SEO campaigns. If you’re in the tech industry, you’ve probably been dealing with incomplete incoming traffic keyword data for some time now. According to BrightEdge’s research, the tech industry has had the highest rate of “not provided” keywords since the inception of Google Secure Search in 2010.

Google Encrypted Search: What the Changes Mean for You

google secure search

It seems like Google is regularly shaking up the search engine optimization game, and their latest announcement is no different. Although Google launched encrypted search almost three years ago, recent changes make this setting even more important for marketers to pay attention to. If you care about your search engine results, here’s what you need to know.

How to Improve Your Website Calls to Action

Website Redesign the Right Way

There’s a science to getting your audience to take action on your website. It’s a bit like creating a formula. You put together certain elements and then – voila – you have predictable and repeatable results.

Inbound Marketing: Is It Really All or Nothing?

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Inbound marketing isn’t a tactic or step to take in your business goals. It represents a fundamental shift in the way that marketing is done. It’s based in the way people want to buy and the way that they get information. This isn’t a theory. This is fact.

Inbound Marketing Essentials: 5 Next Steps for Your Education Website

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Your website isn’t just an online brochure for your education company. Whether you’re a private school, curriculum publisher or software producer, your website can play an important role in your sales, sign ups and leads.

Smart Google+ Strategies for Your Brand Page

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As the second biggest social network worldwide, Google+ deserves your attention. But entering any social network as a brand without a plan is foolish. You need to understand the nuances of the platform so you can maximize your results and minimize your time.

What is the Inbound Marketing Process?

inbound marketing process

You’re ready to adopt an inbound approach. You’ve read the stats, are persuaded by the case studies and have even started to blog. But inbound marketing is a lot more than blogging or using social media. Inbound marketing is a step by step process that will create a specific path from stranger to prospect to customer to advocate.

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