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How to “Algorithm Proof” Your Website from Future Updates

seo algorithm experiment

As you probably know, Google is constantly experimenting with its search engine and always looking for new ways to improve the user experience. One way they do this is by making periodic algorithm updates to tweak the way that search functions. While the majority of these updates are minor, some like Panda, Penguin, Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird have brought about significant changes that altered the SEO landscape.

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Hummingbird Search Engine Strategies for Education Companies

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The Hummingbird has landed, and though the last few Google updates have spelled trouble for the way things were being done with SEO and Internet marketing, this one promises to make everybody’s life a little easier.  The main focuses of Hummingbird are more precise, conversational searching and increasing mobile web presence.  Along with Hummingbird came Secure Search, which may make a big impact on SEO keyword-based sites everywhere.

Are You Thinking Beyond Keywords? You Should Be.

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Penguin changed the SEO game in 2012, paving the way for the extinction of the SEO-stuffed website. Since then, increasingly intelligent algorithms – like the recent Hummingbird update - have been installed that can not only detect gamed websites full of senseless SEO, but websites with poor spelling, grammar and nonsensical content. Cheating the system might have been the norm two years ago, but today, your website needs more than just keywords to make an impact with users and search engines alike.

3 Steps to Avoid the Google Keyword Data Freakout

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Last time, we covered the news about Google’s secure search and what it means for targeted SEO campaigns. If you’re in the tech industry, you’ve probably been dealing with incomplete incoming traffic keyword data for some time now. According to BrightEdge’s research, the tech industry has had the highest rate of “not provided” keywords since the inception of Google Secure Search in 2010.

Google Encrypted Search: What the Changes Mean for You

google secure search

It seems like Google is regularly shaking up the search engine optimization game, and their latest announcement is no different. Although Google launched encrypted search almost three years ago, recent changes make this setting even more important for marketers to pay attention to. If you care about your search engine results, here’s what you need to know.

What Does Content Have to Do with SEO?

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If you want your site to rank well on Google (or any other search engine), you’re going to need content to get you there. Increasingly, content and content marketing are playing more important roles in the SEO process. While keyword rich content has always been important other factors – like the see your website.

Two Big Ways Social Media and SEO Can Help Skyrocket Your Rankings

social media and seo

If your business doesn't have a big social media presence, chances are you've been advised to get one. And while there has been a certain amount of hype around “going social”, there is also a very concrete reality behind the hype.

Should You Build a Mobile Site and Other SEO Tips: News Round Up

mobile SEO

Want to increase your mobile SEO ability (you should—mobile searchers are more likely to take action, and take it quickly)? Maybe you're a lawyer who needs SEO advice—or you'd like to provide one with some advice? Maybe you're a small business owner in need of SEO you can utilize in a single afternoon—or maybe you'd like some advice on what to do when SEO doesn't work (just in case).


3 Ways Google+ Authorship Puts Jet Packs on Your SEO Efforts

Google  Authorship

The Google Authorship attribute has been around ever since Google Plus was publicly rolled out in 2011. Few content creators used it then or even understood why it was important. Those who eventually started using it are currently seeing benefits with their content marketing and even on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).

Essential SEO Tips - Survive the Penguin Update!

inbound marketing penguin resized 600

Does it seem like your website took a search engine hit in the last few months? The Penguin update may be to blame. This modification to the search engine algorithm was first implemented in mid April of this year and the effects are still being felt across the web. You can get your website up to speed with an inbound marketing partner and the tips from these articles.

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