As a small business owner I spend a lot of time trying to find new customers. Many of the concepts that I learn about and implement successfully will also benefit my clients. One of these is an approach to attracting customers through "inbound marketing".

A couple years back when I was conducting a job search I had the pleasure of meeting with some folks over at Hubspot. Though we did not end up working together I was exposed to the concept of inbound marketing. "Inbound marketing" explained as the process by which you help yourself "get found" by people already learning about and shopping in your industry.

Inbound marketing relies on attracting people through search engines, blogs and social media sites like Facebook as opposed to traditional outbound marketing techniques like cold calling, trade shows and telemarketing.

I don't know about you but cold calling and telemarketing are two of my least favorite things. If you feel the same the good news is that these outbound marketing techniques are becoming less and less effective as inbound marketing techniques become more effective.

You will hear more from me on how I am using inbound marketing but for a wealth of knowledge on the subject be sure to visit the Hubspot blog.

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