How to Choose a Content Management System for Your Business Website

There are numerous content management systems (CMS) available for building a website.

If you need a new or revamped website it is important to select the proper content management system. After all you will likely be tied to it for a long time. 

I submit there are three keys to choosing the right CMS for building and maintaining your business website. The first two will take some time and investigation. The third is simple and will increase the likelihood you will remain happy with your website for years to come.

Number One

Clearly outline your current needs AND what you may need in the future.  

Do you or will you need to implement e-commerce?  Will you need to securely protect data? How much traffic are you expecting?

Number Two

Find a knowledgable resource to help you make a decision.

Make sure the person building your site is well versed in the options available. Based on questions they ask and feedback you provide they should be able to recommend the appropriate solution.

Number Three

Choose an open source content management system.

I am using the term open source to refer to software in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge.

drupalThis is in contrast to proprietary software in which you pay a company for licensed use of said software.

The reason I recommend an open source solution is that it allows for flexibility. You are not beholden to a particular company, their software and hosting environment. You can up and move your site to a new hosting provider if your site is down too often. Need functionality customized for the specific needs of your business? The best open source solutions have large communities of developers who can implement the functionality you need. You are not limited in your ability to customize functionality or tied to the development schedule of a company that is not likely to prioritize the needs of your business.

Two widely used open source solutions I strongly recommend are Drupal and WordPress. There are others, such as Joomla, that may be a better fit but these two should solve the needs of most small to medium sized businesses.

Both are excellent choices because they have large development communities and a strong track record. Tens of thousands of websites are built using Drupal and Wordpress.

If your website is being used properly to market your business it's likely someone is spending a significant amount of time creating and managing content. We all know what spending time with bad technology is like. Cut back on the cursing and high blood pressure by thinking through the options and choosing the right content management system for your business.

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