How to Socialize Your Business When You’re Strapped for Time

Social media is a terrific way to build your traffic, brand your business and make sure that you’re attracting new leads. But for many businesses, social media seems like a set of time consuming activities that don’t produce a lot of results. It doesn’t have to be that way! Social media can be a real asset to your business if you know how to manage your time and maximize your results.

socializeLike all marketing methods, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use social media for business growth. Even if you have just a few minutes each day, you can “socialize” your business effectively enough to make a difference.

Here are five steps to take to socialize your business on a tight timeline:

 1. Create a schedule.

Planning is the key to making your social media usage successful and efficient. Without a plan, social media can quickly become a time suck. You don’t have to post every day – but you should make an effort to share your new posts regularly. Making a schedule can help you follow through consistently without becoming overwhelmed.


2. Don’t be afraid of curation.

Although your primary purpose with social media is to share your own content, you should also make a habit out of curating and sharing content from other sources. Curating means finding and passing along resources from other websites and blogs that your audience would find interesting. This might seem counter intuitive. But social media is all about sharing – not about self promotion. Curation fits right into that and it makes your social media activity about community rather than just about yourself. 


3. Pre-schedule your posts for more freedom.

You can’t always be there to share your latest blog post or send out a new resource that your followers will enjoy. But you can pre-schedule posts so you’ll be consistently present on social media. For example, you can preset the messages to go out four times per day, seven days per week to stay active on Twitter and Facebook. With the Hubspot platform you can easily create social media updates and schedule them for specific dates and times.


4. Respond as soon as possible to inquiries and replies.

Remember that social media is social for a reason. It’s about the relationships. The interaction between your company and others on social media is what is going to make the difference in your success. You should monitor replies and responses as much as possible. You can get email alerts for both Twitter and Facebook so you can respond promptly and show your followers that you’re engaged and active.


5. Use targeted search to find new fans and followers.

Both Twitter and Facebook give you the ability to do targeted searches based on interests and preferences. You can use these search functions to find new people to connect with in a snap. Make it a point to search for new connections on a weekly basis so you can consistently grow your fans and followers. 

With these five tips, social media management on a time crunch is a breeze. Using curation, prescheduling posts and spending your time wisely on social media can give you a consistent social media presence without wasting valuable time. 


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