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inbound marketing penguin resized 600Does it seem like your website took a search engine hit in the last few months? The Penguin update may be to blame. This modification to the search engine algorithm was first implemented in mid April of this year and the effects are still being felt across the web. You can get your website up to speed with an inbound marketing partner and the tips from these articles.

Understanding Penguin 1.1: Be Safe from Updates in 3 Easy Steps

The latest tweak to the Penguin search engine module happened just last week – and here’s how to deal with it. In three easy steps, the Search Engine Journal covers the essentials for recovering from the Penguin update. Creating better quality links, focusing on keyword variations for your website and make sure anchor text and links aren’t over optimized are the keys.

Google Announced 50+ Search Updates, Which Are Penguin Related?

In this in depth look at Google’s most recent changes, Barry Schwartz analyzes the most important changes in the search engine algorithm and how to sort out the general updates from the Penguin related updates. According to his analysis, there’s an emphasis on high quality content and improvements to how search terms are being scored in ranking.

The Penguin Update – Whiteboard Friday

SEOMoz’s Whiteboard Friday is always a good place to get factual, practical tips on search engine optimization – and this edition is no different. Featuring a talk from Rob Kerry, the Penguin edition of whiteboard Friday goes over the basic changes seen with Penguin. Building high quality backlinks to overcome any poor off-page SEO in years past seems to be the best approach. Building a better campaign for your website and taking a more long term approach to link building and content creation can be the best approach.

7 Things Most People Don’t Know About the Google Penguin Update

The value of real, natural links is the biggest lesson from the Penguin updates. This article takes a look at the history of similar updates, why quality web content and links are important and how to protect your site from future, similar updates.

SEOs Share Google Penguin Recovery Tips

If you only have time to scan a list of tips for repairing SEO damage from Penguin, this is the article for you. Search Engine Roundtable culled a dozen tips from top resources and compiled them into one recovery list that is actionable and specific. Tips include cleaning up link profiles, scaling back internal link anchor text, writing better content and adding more social elements (like Google+ sharing).

5 Types of Link Issues Harming Some Affected Websites

Cleaning up your link profile is one of the main ways to recover from the Penguin update, and this article can show you what to avoid. If your backlink profile includes comment spam, guest posts on questionable sites and links from spammy article marketing sites, you may be in danger. Eliminating these links by editing the original source and getting an inbound marketing partner can move you toward stronger rankings in the future.

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