3 Ways to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2013

content marketing2012 saw a few important changes in content marketing. The power of leveraging social images sites like Pinterest and Instagram are the most visible, although they certainly weren't the only changes. 

2013 looks like it may well be the year of full diversification when it comes to content, which means you need to plan how you will use not just written content and images, but video and other content as well. Utilizing news stories to expand your brand's reach has been a reliable strategy that is likely to be more important in 2013 than it has been in the past—so it's important to know how to do it right! 

Finally, it's important to consider a concept that a few cutting-edge companies are quietly turning to: employee-generated content. If you employ this strategy at the beginning of the New Year, you're liable to see positive results well before the year is over. 

1. Diversify Your Content in 2013

It seems that Instagram and Pinterest were all over the Web in 2012. Nimble marketers were able to take advantage of their visual content and leverage these sites to see huge influxes of traffic this year. The traffic was often more well-targeted than many would expect from a “fad” website. 

While Pinterest and Instagram will eventually give way to the next big thing, they demonstrate that content marketing isn't just about written content: web pages, blog posts, news stories and PDFs. 

The importance of diversifying your content only grew in 2012. It's only going to become more important in 2013. 

In the past, you could get by with good written content and plenty of backlinks—with optimized images, while supposedly standard, providing that “extra edge” to stay competitive. 

In 2013, it will be increasingly important to supply quality content of several different types. This article by Newstex, slightly ahead of the curve, lists 15 different ideas to diversify your content in 2013

2. Speak to What's Important to Your Audience (and Get in News Results) via Newsjacking 

It's long been a practice for SEO bloggers to capitalize on popular news items, relating incidents that everyone knows about, to their specific market or niche. The results of this kind of content marketing range all the way from insightful new connections being made between seemingly incompatible subjects, to out-and-out SEO spam. 

But newsjacking is still a great way to reach out to your audience and speak to what they care about—if you are sincere and provide real food for thought. 

Diversification is as important here as with other types of content marketing. Blog posts are still important; so are videos, infographics, and using the right marketing channels. Check out The Inbound Marketer's Complete Guide to Newsjacking to learn a skill that will only become more valuable with in the coming year. 

3. Employee Involvement in Your Content Marketing Strategy 

A handful of forward-thinking businesses got their employees engaged in content marketing on nearly all levels in 2012. And while it's not common practice (yet), it's a trend that's likely to grow in 2013. 

Employee integration with content marketing may not be ready to go mainstream in the next year—but that's a good thing. If you can get your own business started now, you'll be ahead of the curve when your competition finally picks up on what you're doing. 

This article on How to Weave Content Marketing into You Company's DNA helps business owners understand how to create a company-wide culture of content in any company, and gives tips on how to implement it throughout the organization.


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