Why Partnering is Better than Outsourcing (or Insourcing) For Digital Marketing Success

partneringPartnering up with an experienced marketing team, while it may seem more expensive in the short run, will create more wealth for you in the long run—and keep you from losing money.  

That's because the benefits of partnering—decades of combined experience, super-competence, and dedication to your long-term goals—far outweigh the initial low costs of outsourcing, or the seeming ease of doing your marketing in-house. 

Why does outsourcing equate to spending (and losing) money all too much of the time? And what will partnering with a professional marketing team give you, that outsourcing (or doing it in-house) won't? Read on to find out. 

The Problems with Outsourcing 

Many companies turn to outsourcing help when they need some marketing done, and are wise enough to understand they need to go to professionals who focus on marketing. 

The problem with outsourcing is that it tends to be a one-off deal. And while this may be the exact thing that attracts you to it, it's also the thing that can cause you to lose a lot of money. 

One reason is that the outsourcer isn't focused on your long term goals. They are dedicated to the completion of one project – and are limited to the scope of that project only. They don’t see the forest of your business – they just see one tree. And once that tree is completed, they are off to tend someone else’s forest. 

Often times, when you outsource a marketing project you are left with a small piece of a much larger puzzle that you’ll need to put together on your own.  

Your Marketing Campaign: To In-House, or Not to In-House? 

In-house teams are, unfortunately, rarely a good idea. Unless you work for a large corporation that has had a professional and focused in-house marketing department for years, assigning these tasks to someone in your own organization just isn't as effective as partnering with a highly-trained team of experienced marketing professionals. 

Effective marketing campaigns can’t be crafted out of the spare time and minimal knowledge of one of your current employees. Squeezing marketing tasks into their already busy schedule can cause problems for their productivity and your marketing effectiveness.  

Why a Marketing Partnership Is More Cost-Effective (and Satisfying) 

A marketing partner, on the other hand, is there for you long term. A marketing partner isn't just a somewhat-experienced part of a bigger company. Nor are they a one-off outsourcer who hopes to get more of your business (but who fails to consider you a true priority). 

A true marketing partner is a fully experienced professional entity in its own right. This type of marketing company specializes in marketing the same way your company focuses on its own specialty. It will bring more skill to the table than almost any in-house marketing team could, and will make you more of a priority than any outsourcer ever will. 

In short, a marketing partner cares about you long term, because their own self interest is tied up in yours. A partner cares about your ROI and long-term goals. When it comes down to it, partnering with a marketing agency isn't an expense—it's an excellent way to grow your bottom line.


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