3 Elements of Successful Education Company Landing Pages

education companyDriving traffic to a landing page with a targeted offer is a smart move for your education company. This marketing strategy not only helps you gather new leads but it can give you important clues about what does, and does not, motivate your ideal clients to take the next step with you.  

In order to make the most of your landing page, there are several key elements that need to be in place. Make sure your education company uses these guidelines to create a landing page that works right.  

An Offer to Your Customer 

Every successful page should make an offer of some type. For most educational services and products, it's rarely a good idea to make your full, end-goal offer right there on your landing page. Instead, you want to build a relationship with our potential customers and clients. In other words, you want to generate leads! 

You can do this by encouraging prospects to take advantage of your free newsletter, trial version of your software, or a no-obligation consultation. You may want them to order sample materials, or even just proceed down the sales funnel into the next section of your website. 

Examples of good offers include:

  • Trial version of your software or service
  • Enticement to read more on a certain section of your website
  • Free trial of your service
  • Free consultation
  • Coupon code
  • Sample classroom materials
  • Trial period of the full version of your software
  • Subscription to your informative newsletter or ezine
  • Information packet
  • Free guide to solving one of your customer's problems
  • Small product that leads to a larger product
  • Demonstration
  • Full product 

It's a good idea to put your offer on the page as soon as possible. If your page has a headline or main header, then 90% of the time your offer should go here.  

(The exceptions are usually are when you have a high-priced product or service, such as a district-wide or campus-wide solution. But when this is the case, the offer on your landing page should probably be for something smaller, such as a newsletter or consultation.) 

A Clear Call to Action 

Once you've made sure that your offer is presented prominently on your page, you need to make a thousand percent sure that your customers know how to claim that offer. 

Tell them what they need to do to claim your offer. Don't just give them the information—make an imperative statement. When tested side by side, landing pages that tell prospects what to do, consistently outperform pages that merely suggest it. 

This is true across all industries—not just education. Tell your audience exactly what they need to do, whether that means filling out a simple email form, a more complicated address form, or simply clicking a link to the next page. 

Relevant Meta Tags 

Meta tags are the parts of each web page that, for the most part are hidden—but that are still very important to your website and your marketing campaign. 

At one time, they played a hugely important part in search engine optimization (SEO). While they still play a role in SEO, they are even more important these days if you are using Google Adwords to sell your product or service. 

The relevance of your Title, Keyword, and Description are something Google takes into account when determining the Adwords Quality Score. This score in turn determines how much you pay for your ads.  

And this, as you probably can figure out, determines how profitable your education marketing campaign will be! 

There is an art to writing Title and Description tags. Matching up the keyword tag with the content or copy of your landing page is also important. It's not knowledge everyone has—but it's something that every marketing campaign needs! 

With these three elements, your landing page for your education company will have the effect that you need it to and produce new leads for your company.


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