There’s only so much time – and resources – you can use to market your technology company. That’s why it’s so important to make your efforts count. If you’re making social media a bigger part of your technology marketing in the next year, Google+ deserves your attention.

Although Google+ was labeled a “Facebook killer”, it’s actually turned out to be something entirely different. It doesn’t have the user numbers of Facebook, it does have 100 million active users. Unlike other social networks, it adds a social layer to a person’s entire web experience. Google+ engages users across the web – from Google Search to YouTube.

Investing time and energy into Google+ marketing can help your technology company establish its brand, reach out to target users and engage them in new ways.

Why Google+ Makes Sense for Tech Marketing

Google+ has some powerful marketing applications – from SEO to content marketing.

Social signals – Google made some significant changes to their algorithm in the last year – and social signals are being used as a determining factor in search engine rankings. It’s only natural to assume that social activity on Google’s own network is going to figure into those results.

Author rank – The Author Rank component of the Google algorithm is also a relatively new phenomenon. Simply put, if you publish great content – and publicize it on Google+ - your company name and profiles will be closely associated with your particular industry. The only way to build author rank is through Google+ activity.

Circle segmentation – Unlike other social networks, Google+ lets your brand organize your contacts into “circles” and custom publish information to those circles only. You can segment into prospects, customers and potential collaborators and send them targeted content and offers to boost your engagement.

How to Use Google+ for your Technology Company

Google+ has several unique opportunities for your technology company to reach out to your target audience.

Share relevant content – Sharing great content should be part of your marketing plan on any social network, but Google+ makes it easy to segment your content and share great visuals. As we mentioned above, you can easily segment your audience into specific groups. Google+ also has some of the best filters and tools for sharing photos on the web. It’s why so many photographers have flocked to the platform, and why sharing infographics and images is so powerful for your brand.

HangoutsGoogle+ hangouts let you “hangout” in real time with others via webcam. Although it may sound more like a personal communication tool than a B2B marketing asset, there are several companies that have put it to good use. You can use hangouts for product demos, host question and answer sessions or conduct interviews with industry leaders.

Communities – This is one of the newest updates to Google+ - and it’s a boon for brands! Previous to this update, business pages could only circle individuals who had circled the business first. But with communities, your connection opportunities have opened up. Your business profile can join communities and interact with prospects just like you would as a personal profile. There are several niche interest communities already started on Google+, or you could start a community of your own to appeal to your target audience.

If you care about search engine rankings and community building, Google+ needs to be on your list of marketing assets for 2013. Share your profile or business profile in the comments below so we can connect with you! And be sure to join us at the Greenroom Interactive Google+ page

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