Inbound Marketing Tips: 7 Mistakes that Drive Prospects Away

describe the imageYou’ve got one chance to make a first impression – and that’s as true for your website as it is for in person networking. If you want your website to function effectively, you’ve got to take the time to understand online buyers. 

Your prospects make snap decisions about your company based on the design and copy on your website. Make sure you’re not missing the mark by watching for these problems. 

Not using a standard layout.

Your website layout isn’t the place to get overly creative. You need your website visitors to clearly see their options and be able to navigate to specific pages. Standard placements like having page links in the top header, or using sidebar navigation, will help prospects quickly assess your site and decide which pages to visit. 

Not using clear navigation terms. 

In addition to keeping the overall layout fairly standard, you need to use the right terms. Using unclear terms or overly long navigation titles can be confusing for website visitors. For example, you may call your solutions “Cloud Based Content Control” but “What We Do” or “Our Product” is much easier for a visitor to understand. By using plain terms, you can help prospects find exactly what they are looking for. 

Not being mobile friendly 

Mobile web usage doubled in the last two years, and it is set to grow even more in the next year. The likelihood that your prospects are accessing your website with their tablet or mobile phone is very high – and if they can’t read your site, they’re going to leave. Responsive web design will scale your site and adjust it for mobile viewing so anyone can see it.  

Not understanding their biggest problem. 

You’re not in the technology or software business – you’re in the problem solving business. Your website should make it clear that you solve your prospects’ biggest problems – and show them exactly how you do it with your services or products. Your main headline on your homepage should clearly show that you understand their problems so you can instantly connect with visitors.

Not using dedicated landing pages. 

Where are you driving your social media or email marketing traffic? If you’re just sending prospects to your main homepage, they’ll have no idea what to do next. Try using specific landing pages for your campaigns that are focused and actionable. Keep the copy minimal and actionable, and you’ll gather more leads.

Not using a clear call to action or lead generation offer. 

Landing pages are great for specific campaigns, but you’ll also want to have a general lead generation offer on your homepage and throughout your website. You never know when a new lead might land on your blog or other internal page, rather than a specific landing page. Capture those leads by having an opt-in offer – like a white paper – present on every page. 

Not displaying social proof. 

When it comes to making buying decisions, people want to follow the crowd. That’s why it’s so important to show that other people have used your products or services with success. Social proof helps make the case for your company to potential buyers. They’ll see that buying from you isn’t risky. They’ll want to follow the crowd. 

Take some time to evaluate your website and watch out for these mistakes. And when you’re ready for a re-design, we’re ready to help. 


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