How to Make the Most of Content Marketing Outsourcing

content marketingContent takes time. But it’s time well spent. With the right content approach, you can see increased traffic from search, more social media interest in your company and more qualified leads. But it’s not always possible to get the content you need written in house. Outsourcing content creation can help you feed the content beast and meet your marketing goals.

Once you’ve hired a content writing team for your digital marketing material, you can help support their efforts by giving them the information that they need to do the job right. No matter how experienced a content writer might be, you need to help them understand you, your company and your target market well so they can produce great content consistently.

Here’s a short list of information and ideas that you can offer to support the content creation process:

Convey your goals for content – Every project works better with a goal, and content marketing is no different. A lot of B2B companies launch into content creation without knowing why. They just know they need to publish. However, clearly defining a goal for your business blog or long form content resource will help the writer get focused and give you what you need.

Help the writer understand your brand’s style and personality – There’s more than one way to cook an egg. Your brand’s approach to common topics in your industry speaks volumes about your company. Knowing your style and personality can help your content creator sound more like a member of your team and less like an outside source.

Communicate – and revisit – your target customer persona – Believe it or not, your product or service isn’t for everyone. It’s for one group of people and that group can be identified through a target customer persona. If you don’t have a completely fleshed out target persona, now is the time to start. It will be invaluable to your content writing team. After a few months of content creation, go back and review your target customer. Is it still working for you? Are you attracting the right leads? If not, revise and resend to your writing team.

Suggest topic ideas or news items – Great content creators will set up “listening boards” of search terms and RSS feeds to keep their finger on the pulse of your industry. But even if they go the extra mile, they aren’t on the front lines with you. When you get a great question from a prospect, or notice a competitor blog post that you want to take a different angle on, let them know!

Keep your writer in the loop on new developments or launches – Before you launch a new version of your product or introduce a new service, you can prime the pump with some content marketing. A great content team can be an integral part of your promotion. Review the next few months of your marketing calendar and have a pitch session with your content team. With a white paper, a blog post series and an email campaign, they can help you make the most of your new offers.

Do you work with outsourced content writers? What are your essentials for keeping your writers in the loop? 

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