Two Essential Inbound Marketing Tips for Software Companies

5049258081 50dd4101f7 mWhen done correctly, inbound marketing can show more ROI than any other part of your online marketing campaign. The key here, though, is doing it correctly—and many software companies do not.

Two of the biggest mistakes that companies make are not using social media correctly, and expecting the year's inbound marketing efforts to spring forth from a limited number of pushes. Follow these two tips if you want to stay ahead of your competition year-round.

Put Social Media at the Head of Your Efforts—and Use it Correctly

In 2013, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are at the forefront of content marketing, inbound marketing, social marketing, and even quite often paid marketing!

Some may argue that social media is a passing phenomenon, and that its importance will fade. Even if this is true, there's simply no denying its current power—power that you should be harnessing.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media outlets right now – and the chances are that your target market is using these sites on a regular basis. Social media sites are great places to distribute helpful reports and how-to guides, as well as other customer-centered lead gen material.

What many software marketers seem to forget is that social media is also a great place to offer free trial versions of a software. You may even want to offer extended trial versions for prospects who “like” your Facebook page, follow your twitter account, etc.

Finally, don't forget that social media websites are an excellent platform to listen to your customers as well. Using these sites, you can to collect strategic intelligence about your market in a non-formal setting. They also provide plenty of opportunities to connect with your market in a very genuine way.

Keep Your Inbound Marketing Activities Consistent

Many software companies make the mistake of only pushing hard on their inbound marketing when there is a new release or when there is an update. But even though inbound marketing does work in passive, seemingly effortless ways to draw customers into your sales funnel, the process works best when there is continuous action behind it.

That doesn't mean that you need to plan for a huge content rush every month. It does mean that your inbound marketing budget should be spread out (or better yet, increased) to allow for continuous content production and posting, year-round.

This means posting new blog posts on a regularly, engaging on your social media marketing channels and creating lead generation content on a quarterly basis.

This continuous presence, combine with your social media presence, acts like a clarion call to everyone who needs what your software has to offer. Use social media correctly and consistently, and you'll enjoy a huge return on your inbound marketing investments.

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