How to Overcome Facebook’s News Feed Update

facebook's news feedFacebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users so it makes sense to spend time marketing there. But with all the changes Facebook has been through lately, it can be frustrating to get a foothold on the platform. Latest of which are the updates to the News Feed.

In early March, the social networking company announced big changes to the News Feed – the main screen that people see when they log into the site. Here’s what’s changing and how to make the most of it for marketing purposes.

Visual Content Reigns Supreme

Almost 50% of News Feed content today is photos and visual content – and the new changes maximize their impact. With the new updates, photos are going to get a larger display and photo albums will display more images in the preview screen.

The images aren’t there to just look pretty. Just a month after the timeline changes were implemented, Facebook brands saw a 65% increase in engagement in visual content. With the News Feed changes, you can expect those numbers to jump again.

Takeaway: Make images a key part of your Facebook marketing strategy. If you’re posting text-based updates, consider creating images out of those statements or quotes. They’re much more shareable and eye-catching.

Shared Stories Take Your Brand Along with Them

In the old newsfeed, when a fan “liked” your brand page, there was a simple statement with a text link. Now, your entire header image, company name and a few images from your galleries are displayed as well.

It gives their like more prominent space in their newsfeed, and increases the chances that their friends will follow suit and like your page as well.

Takeaway: Be sure your cover photo looks professional and reflects your brand accurately.

Feeds are Filtered into Categories

When the changes go into effect, your followers can choose from a variety of new News Feeds to sort through. This is great from their perspective, but not so great for brands. The new feeds include:

  • All Friends Feed – posts from all friends.
  • Music Feed – posts related to musicians, music sharing apps and concerts
  • Photos feed – images from friends, business pages and public figures
  • Following Feed – posts from all business pages and public figures

As you can see, your brand’s posts are going to be segregated from the main feed – which means you need to find ways to engage users on their other feeds.

Takeaway: Brands can break into the other feeds in two ways – through friends and through photos. As we mentioned before, posting images will give you an engagement advantage. It will also help your brand claim space in the Photos feed.

If you want to break into the all friends feed, you need to focus on getting your brand evangelists to share with their friends. Your page updates won’t show up in the all friends feed unless they are shared by individual users. Spend some time in your analytics, take polls and test out different types of updates to see what works best for your brand’s particular evangelists. Post what will appeal to them and you’ll see your message share.

If one thing in Facebook marketing is constant it’s that things will change. With these strategies you can make sure your brand page weathers the News Feed update.


Image Courtesy : marcopako/Flickr

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