Is a Marketing Partner or Freelancer Better for Your Business Goals?

marketing partnerI’m going to be honest with you – inbound marketing takes work. It gets results, but it takes work. And that might be work that your team doesn’t have time to do. Whether it’s improving your site wide SEO, redeveloping your website or creating compelling content, you may need some outside help to create inbound marketing success.

There’s no limit to the amount of help at your fingertips – but getting the right help is key. When it comes to getting help with your marketing, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

The Freelance Option

Freelancing can be a great way to get expert help with a specific task – like setting up a new website or creating a press release. But the capabilities of a freelance team – especially when it comes to writing – can only go so far.

I can’t speak for other areas, but when it comes to content writing there’s a limit to what a freelancer can do for you. Don’t get me wrong – I love freelancers and enjoy the freelance projects that come my way. But working as a freelance copywriter, my hands are tied when it comes to helping you meet your business goals. And I’m not always sure if it’s a good use of my time or my client’s money.

You see, freelancing is great for one off items, specialized projects or very specific needs. But if you’re diving into inbound marketing, overhauling your lead generation process and developing a new market position – a freelance writer may not be able to help you.

how to partner your way to digital marketing success


The Marketing Partner Option

Pulling in a freelancer on a specific project can save time, but if you want to make the most out of inbound marketing you need a team that can see the big picture. Partnering with an inbound marketing firm helps you get the work done, but it also helps you get the work done in the right way.

Unlike freelancers, an inbound marketing partner is:

In for the long haul

I’ve had freelance projects come and go and, like a good copywriter, I never count my
chickens before they’re hatched. I’m focusing on getting a project done efficiently, on time and covering all the bases – but only for that project. But I’m not interested in the long term growth or overall impact of my individual piece of writing. That’s outside of my scope as a freelancer.

But when I’m working as part of an inbound marketing team, I can see all the pieces come together. I’m around long enough to make an impact.

Able to see the big picture

Great writing is only part of the inbound marketing process. There’s SEO, content distribution lead generation, social media, web usability, analytics – the whole enchilada. An inbound marketing partner has the ability to do it all. They’ll create a plan that brings all of the important elements together so the entire inbound marketing process can be complete (including any work done by a content team). It creates a much more strategic, targeted and successful approach than hiring freelancers for short projects.

Committed to business goals

Because a marketing partner has so much involvement with your marketing process, they’re able to understand and deliver on your business goals. There’s only so much time a freelance writer or designer can spend on your project. They have other clients to attend to – and other priorities besides your business goals. When you work with a partner, they’re invested in you – and have the tools to help you with your business goals.

Again, freelancers are great at what they do! But when you need inbound marketing help, you’re going to get much better (and more affordable) results when you find a digital marketing partner.   

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how to partner your way to digital marketing success

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