Should You Outsource Inbound Marketing?

digital marketing outsourcing resized 600Managing inbound marketing can take a lot of time to do it right. Luckily (or in some cases unluckily), there are several services ready to help you handle everything from strategy to content to social media. In this month’s roundup we take a look at some essentials to outsourcing digital marketing and some mistakes to avoid.

What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Marketing

In this article, the author covers a comprehensive list of what to look for in a marketing consultant or inbound marketing partner. They list some basic benefits to getting help, different areas of expertise that companies can get help with, and evaluation questions that you can use to make the right hire for your digital marketing needs.

Offshore Blog Outsourcing Horror Stories

If a colleague has ever bragged about finding a blogger for $10 per post, you know the general theme of these horror stories from Blab Communications. From cringe-worthy to funny, these tales of outsourcing gone wrong act as a reminder that you get what you pay for.

A Tale of Incompetence All Around

This fairytale themed true story shows what can happen when web design and Wordpress transfers are handed off to the wrong people. Not hiring the right people can create chaos in your business and lose you valuable time and money.

When You Should and Shouldn’t Outsource

Outsourcing your digital marketing needs isn’t always the best approach. In Hubspot’s detailed review of outsourcing inbound marketing they go over reasons why you might consider outsourcing – like your current team doesn’t have the skills or time to do it. Outsourcing can be a good solution, but not if it’s more trouble and cost than it’s worth. Determining when to outsource and which marketing tasks to outsource can be a challenge. This post covers all of the potential marketing tasks you may want to outsource and how to do it right.

How to Support Your Social Media Outsourcing Service

Social media is a great way to outreach to potential customers no matter what industry you’re in, but it’s not always possible to manage in house. Outsourcing social requires special consideration. Your outsourced service will need to emulate your style, understand your target market and provide updates about your progress.

These posts will get you thinking about marketing outsourcing – and prevent you from making a big mistake.


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