Should You Build a Mobile Site and Other SEO Tips: News Round Up


mobile SEOWant to increase your mobile SEO ability (you should—mobile searchers are more likely to take action, and take it quickly)? Maybe you're a lawyer who needs SEO advice—or you'd like to provide one with some advice? Maybe you're a small business owner in need of SEO you can utilize in a single afternoon—or maybe you'd like some advice on what to do when SEO doesn't work (just in case).

If you qualify as any of the above, you'll find something to take home with this month's SEO News Roundup. Read on and enjoy!


SEO Tips Straight from Google

A member of SEOmoz’s YouMoz recently interviewed the head of Google's Head of Global Mobile Search Ads. The interview pulled five main points from the interview that specifically work for mobile SEO, including unexpected gems such as, “Stop Building Mobile Sites!”

The Google interviewee also hit home on the fact that mobile and local organic search is extraordinarily important. This is in part due to the fact that mobile search users take action more quickly than desktop or laptop users (on average).

The article also details what Google is using in order to understand what actions people will take next after their search—and how you can use it to your advantage. That's tip number five at 5 Mobile SEO Tips from the Adwords Team.


SEO for Lawyers

Want better organic search results for your firm? If you don't, you should: High rankings in Google's and Bing's search results often act like an implied endorsement of your firm. Paying for a good SEO service can easily pay for itself several times over each month, given the right market. In any case, it tends to pay for itself, even if you don't deal in high-expense cases.

Not that you have to outsource. While it's always a good idea to outsource a specialty to a specialty professional, there are certain things you can do own to make your site rank better. And you can do five of them today. (The sixth is generally best left to specialists—it can get time consuming!)

Find out what you can do for your firm by reading Six SEO Tips for Lawyers.


What to Do when SEO Doesn't Work

Is your SEO campaign not working the way you think it should? Or maybe it was working just fine—until Google struck you down earlier this year? Maybe you're upset with your current provider, and  you want to do now that your SEO is not working like it should?

Thankfully, the answer to your problem is not “Spend more on paid advertising.” Instead, check out this article from No, it's nothing earth-shattering. But it has just the right solid information to get you back on your feet and re-orient your SEO mindset in a more positive (and effective) direction.


SEO in 15 Minutes or Less

Most business owners don't have a lot of time for search engine optimization—which is why SEO firms exist in the first place!

But there are several SEO tasks that any small business owner can perform to make his or her site rank higher with Google and Bing. These are exceedingly simple, but can make a huge difference in your site's organic traffic. Check these 8 SEO Quick Tips at


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