3 Problems with Content Writing Services – and How to Fix Them

content marketing servicesContent marketing services are in high demand – and for good reason: they help businesses meet key objectives.

Content creates more visibility for your company:

  • Blogs on company sites increase site visitors by 55%.
  • Companies with blogs receive 97% more inbound links than other companies.
  • On average, blogs create 424% more indexed pages.

Content also improve sales:

  • 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands that they follow.
  • Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines.
  • 61% of companies find customers via LinkedIn, 67% find customers via Facebook and 53% find customers via Twitter.


Your company’s content has a lot of potential – but only if you create it the right way. That’s why it’s so important to find content marketing help that not only helps you handle the volume but also helps you strategically.

Here are three problems with traditional content writing services and how to fix them.

Problem #1 – No Long Term Buy in to Your Business Goals

When you purchase an article from a content writing service, you’re actually purchasing a product. Companies that pair you with “thousands of freelance writers” are treating your needs like a product order. You order a specific number of articles for a set price per word, and they deliver exactly that.

Although many are getting better at gathering information from you on your target audience and the approach you want to take, it’s just a step above ordering a book from Amazon. You get exactly what you ordered – no more and no less.

While this may be fine if you’re publishing two blog posts per month because your SEO consultant told you that you needed to, this type of service simply won’t work if you want to use content as a part of your strategic long term goals.

Content services have no buy in to your goals – they fill and order and move on. In many cases, you may not be working with the same writer over the course of your

Problem #2 – No Editorial Guidance

Content services are a lot like Burger King – you can have it your way. You can order 300 word articles to 3000 word reports. All you have to do is fill out an order form and detail what you need. But you’re bringing all of the details to the table. You need to figure out your approach, what you need to cover, how you’re going to distribute the content and how you’re going to track it.

The problem is that while you may be an expert in your business, you may not be a publisher. And you have to be – you need to develop a strategy to publish the right information at the right time to the right audience if you want your content marketing to be effective.

Problem #3 – Limited Subject Matter Experience

Content writing services do their best to match writers with professional expertise – but for the most part their experience in any industry is broad. It can be difficult to find a writer that can create content with the level of knowledge and insight that your audience requires.

Even if they do have experience, content writers that work for a service are focusing on speed. They don’t have time to research for two to three hours per article because they simply aren’t being paid enough. As a result, you get shallow articles that are technically correct – but may not have the in depth information that your audience may be looking for.

Content writing services can serve a purpose – but if you want to use content marketing strategically, you need to look for a solution that will be involved in your marketing long term, be able to position your content and have time to get to know your industry and your solution.

What’s the solution this problem?

Working with an inbound marketing partner that provides content solutions is the only way to ensure that your content piece works into the rest of your online marketing plan. An inbound marketing partner will be involved with your marketing processes – including content – for the long haul. They have the resources to become experts in your field, know how to use content strategically and work with you develop an editorial calendar and approach that will get results. 

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