How to Set the Stage for Success with an Inbound Marketing Partner

2258043454 64a5762d21 m (1)So you’ve decided to outsource inbound marketing. Congrats on taking a step toward better business results – and less headaches from trying to manage it internally. As great as outsourcing inbound marketing can be, it’s not without its own set of challenges.

You need to set the stage for success so you can get the results that you want in the timeline you’re looking for. By paying attention to the following areas, you can be sure you and your marketing partner are on the same page.

Here’s what needs to be discussed before you dive into inbound marketing.

Help your inbound marketing partner understand your business goals.

Inbound marketing can help drive a number of different goals – from increased leads to repeat sales from previous customers. If you want the best results from partnering with an inbound marketing provider, they need to understand your goals so they can tailor your marketing plan.

It’s more than just adding a few landing pages or starting a Facebook page. Taking these steps without a big picture view of your business goals can be an exercise in futility – and frustration. By discussing your business goals with your online marketing partner, they can select the tactics and practices that make the most sense for you.

Define roles and responsibilities between your company and theirs.

Before you start your inbound marketing plan, it’s important to understand what your outsourced team needs from you in terms of response, input and information. There are multiple ways of completing the workflow for your inbound marketing efforts.

Take blogging for instance. If you’re launching a business blog, at the minimum you’ll need a point person to approve topics and approve articles. In some cases, you may choose to have your internal subject matter experts create articles that are edited by your inbound marketing team. A third option could be having a content creator interview your subject matter experts and create original articles.

Talk with your inbound marketing partner about who is going to be your internal point person and ask which pieces of the process you’ll need to take ownership of.

Understand the KPI’s that will be used to track your success.

The key performance indicators for your inbound marketing will be determined by the tactics and practices you’re using. You and your outsourced marketing team will look at them each month and each quarter to determine if you’re meeting your business goals.

It’s important for you to understand which figures to concentrate on – so be sure to ask which will be used and when you can expect the reporting to be done.

Have you had a bad experience with an outsourced marketing provider? What steps would you take next time to set the stage for success? 

how to partner your way to digital marketing success
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how to partner your way to digital marketing success

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