Content Marketing FAQs: What You Need to Know Before You Outsource

8165583996 05538ef681Content marketing is WORK. There’s no denying that. Although inbound lead generation strategies are a lot more cost effective than traditional outbound channels, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t work involved. From strategy to creation to distribution, there are many steps that go into successful content marketing.

If you’re facing a to do list a mile long for your inbound lead generation content plan, you may need help. Outsourcing portions of the content marketing process can help you save time, get better results and lower your lead acquisition costs.

But before you outsource, you may have some questions. Here are the frequently asked questions we’ve experience about outsourced content marketing. Feel free to add more to the comments!

How does content marketing outsourcing work if the content is on our area of expertise?

It’s all about the research. Talented content marketing writers can create engaging content on a variety of topics – but they’ll need to be pointed in the right direction. Typically, the outsourced content creation process starts with a questionnaire or evaluation that gives your writers the insight they need to understand your industry. Interviews with subject matter experts in your team are also a good way for them to get up to speed on what is important for you to communicate to your target audience.

Other research steps can include:

  • Interviews with subject matter experts.
  • Creating “listening boards” of top blogs and resources in your industry.
  • Reading ebooks and white papers from industry experts.
  • Going through a demo of your product.
  • Speaking with customers who rave about your company.

After this start up research, they’ll work on creating an overall strategy for content creation that helps you meet business goals.

Once we start, how is our company involved in the content creation process?

Authenticity is an important part of content marketing – so a hands off approach doesn’t work long term. If you have team members internally that want to take on writing duties, that’s one option. You can have an outsourced content team develop the strategy and act as editor and distributor of your team’s content.

In most cases, we’ve found that despite their best efforts internal team members rarely have the time to produce content on their own. In that case, companies can stay involved by helping fuel the strategy with new ideas, get involved by evaluating results with the content team and communicating any big launches or changes that need to be incorporated into the strategy.

How do we make sure content marketing is getting the results we want?

It starts by having a very clearly defined set of goals for content marketing. While content marketing can increase leads, improve search engine rankings, engage with leads and create a bigger social media footprint, it can’t do all of those things at once.

There are specific steps and strategies that your inbound content marketing team can use based on your business goals. If you want to increase leads, a content based inbound lead generation strategy will be used, and you’ll measure your results against those specific goals.

Do you have any other content marketing outsourcing questions? Leave them in the comment section below and we’d be happy to answer!


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