What Does Content Have to Do with SEO?

If you want your site to rank well on Google (or any other search engine), you’re going to need content to get you there. Increasingly, content and content marketing are playing more important roles in the SEO process. While keyword rich content has always been important other factors – like the see your website.

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Learn more about the role of content in the SEO process with these top reads.

SEO & Content: The Time is Now for Collaboration

Search Engine Watch’s survey of 50 search marketers revealed that they think content should be under the control of a dedicated content creation team – but that they’d like more collaboration with the content team. 79% of SEOs reported that they should be working more or much more closely with the content creation team. This collaboration, like the kind you’ll find with an integrated inbound marketing platform, will produce better content assets.

The Importance of Content for SEO

In this interview with SEO Veteran Bruce Clay, you’ll learn his criteria for better content. He shares how to fix poor-quality content efficiently and match the content to your consumers’ vocabulary. This will help leverage both keywords usage but also improve natural links from other quality sources.

Why Content for SEO?

This infographic breaks down all of the most recent stats, facts and figures about the state of search engine marketing and the role of content. For example, 44% of B2B marketers surveyed stated that social media usage has a positive impact on their SEO. 76% of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place invest in content creation. This infographic is a good starting place to understand how content can impact your rankings.

Why Engaging Online Content is a Must for SEO

Great content shows search engines that you are a source of industry news and – therefore – should be ranked well for keyword terms related to your niche. This article summarizes the key factors Google uses to determine quality (like correct spelling and grammar), and then goes over ways that companies can find content professionals who know SEO.

Long Tail Content for SEO – 2013 and Beyond

The last year has been marked by a lot of change for the SEO community. With a quick recap of how things used to be with site organization and structure, this article delves into an eight step process for brands to use to break out of the old and move into the new way of creating a long tail keyword site that ranks high. By researching the bulk of the competitors, brainstorming about user need and focusing on quality content, site owners can transform their properties from the old formula to the new.

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