Smart Google+ Strategies for Your Brand Page

strategy resized 600As the second biggest social network worldwide, Google+ deserves your attention. But entering any social network as a brand without a plan is foolish. You need to understand the nuances of the platform so you can maximize your results and minimize your time.

Google+ is a bit unique in terms of social media. It’s got a unique format, multiple ways of organizing your contacts and terrific search engine optimization benefits.

Here’s a short guide to the best training out there for maximizing Google+ for your brand.

How to Use Google+ for Business

We’re big fans of Hubspot here – and here’s one of their best guides to date. Their ebook “How to Use Google+ for Business” is a starter guide to using Google+, but it goes beyond the basics. It delves into circle management, how to connect your website and other properties to your Google+ profile and more essentials for establishing your brand.

How to Grow Your Google+ Engagement

Establishing your brand is just the first step. You need to reach out to your audience and interact with them. Fortunately, the platform offers multiple opportunities for engagement – and even a multimedia options. This post from Social Media Examiner details the options for Google+ engagement from circle management to hangouts.

Google+ for Brands

Google+ brand pages can interact with other users just like individuals can, but if you want to get the best results you need to get strategic. In this guide from Hootsuite, you’ll learn about nine specific steps you can take to engage with your G+ community. In addition to using hangouts, they also recommend encouraging contests and polling your audience to get them involved.

Google Plus Redesign: What it Means for Business

Earlier this year, Google+ undertook a major redesign project that has specific benefits for brand pages. In this take on the Google+ design efforts from Maximize Social Business you’ll learn how the updated homepage layout, enhances photos and other updates can help you leverage your brand presence on Google+.

How to Build an Effective Google+ Brand Strategy

This step by step guide from Mashable will get you up and running on Google+ in a strategic way – starting with setting specific goals for your G+ involvement. Whether you want to promote your own content, grow your influence on Google+ or leverage the cross product integration with YouTube, this article has the details.

Do you use Google+ for your brand? What have been your most reliable strategies?

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