Inbound Marketing Essentials: 5 Next Steps for Your Education Website

MP900427810 resized 600Your website isn’t just an online brochure for your education company. Whether you’re a private school, curriculum publisher or software producer, your website can play an important role in your sales, sign ups and leads.

In order to design an effective website, you need have a clear “next step” in mind for your website visitors to take. You can have more than one, but there needs to be a direct action that a visitor can take in order to move forward with your company.

Although ideally you’ll want your audience to make a purchase, most people or organizations who visit a website aren’t going to buy on their first visit. They want more information and need to consider their options. That why having some non-sales related next steps on your website is important.

By combining your clear next steps with great content, your website can prove your value to your audience and act as a tool for gathering leads and entering them into a nurturing program.  

Here are five next steps – besides making a purchase – to try out for your education website.

1. “Contact us for a consultation.” 

This is the most common call to action on websites, and although it can be effective it can be a big commitment for someone who doesn’t have all of the information that they need. If you are going to go the “call us” route, be sure there’s something else on your website that will capture visitor email addresses so you can reach out to the prospects that just aren’t ready yet.

2. “Download our free report.”

A free report, guide or ebook is a great way to distinguish your company as a thought leader in the education space. For example, if you’re an education software company you can create and offer a report on the top mistakes that parents make in choosing an education software program or how education software can help improve test scores.

3. “Sign up for our newsletter.”

You can use your newsletter as a “next step” for your education website – but only if its content rich. Building an email list isn’t just a matter of capturing leads. You have to offer value too.  Signing up for a newsletter on its own isn’t very enticing, so try offering a report, guide or ebook and then automatically adding those subscribers to your newsletter after they opt in.

4. “Get a free quote.”

Depending on the nature of what you do in the education field, this may be a great option. Offering a customized quote as a next step will help you qualify the new leads. If they are willing to get a quote, it means that they are one step closer to making a buying decision.

5. “Subscribe to our blog”

As you publish quality content on your education website blog, you want as many of your potential customers to stay in the loop. Reminding them to subscribe to your blog when they visit your website is an important “next step” that will continue to build your value for them.

Identifying and repeating your next step for your education website customers is a key in making sure your site works the way it should. Your inbound marketing results will improve if you give a clear next step – so put one or all of these into practice on your website. 

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