There’s a science to getting your audience to take action on your website. It’s a bit like creating a formula. You put together certain elements and then – voila – you have predictable and repeatable results.

If your calls to action aren’t performing like they should then, you need to adjust your formula. There’s a component that is missing that needs to be fixed.

Here are some key areas you need to focus on to make sure your formula works the way that it should.

Improve the language of your CTAs

Calls to action aren’t just billboards – they have to engage your website visitor and make them want to take action. You’ve got just a short period of time to grab your visitor’s attention and indirect language isn’t going to help.

You’ve got to think back to your elementary school days when you learned about action words – verbs matter in CTAs. Click, learn and discover are all great verbs to use, but you can also try web-based action words like download or register.

Website Redesign the Right Way

Move the placement of your CTAs

Unfortunately, a call to action doesn’t really “call out” to your visitors. They have to see it. If it’s hidden, your conversion rates will be nearly zero. Throughout your website, your CTAs should be placed above the fold. If you’re using them within pages or on blog posts, then try for the middle of the page.

In some cases you may be using more than one on the page, so you need to be sure that the most important CTA (your offer for a free consult) is more prominent than another option (your offer for a checklist).

Expand your audience for your CTAs

Let’s say that in an ideal world, you want your website visitors to contact a sales representative for a demo of your education software. Your CTA for that contact form is all over your website. But the results are less than stellar.

Even if you fix the placement and language of your CTA, you could still be having conversion problems. Not everyone who visits your site is ready to talk to a sales representative. Thanks to the web, most buyers spend a lot of time gathering information and educating themselves before they ever reach out to talk to someone in person.

If this is the case for you, diversifying your CTAs can improve your click through rate. Try some free information – like an ebook, cheat sheet, presentation or quiz. Give your visitors more to interact with besides making a call.

Compare these keys to your current website. Can you make any changes?

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