Are You Thinking Beyond Keywords? You Should Be.

file0001803122103 resized 600Penguin changed the SEO game in 2012, paving the way for the extinction of the SEO-stuffed website. Since then, increasingly intelligent algorithms – like the recent Hummingbird update - have been installed that can not only detect gamed websites full of senseless SEO, but websites with poor spelling, grammar and nonsensical content. Cheating the system might have been the norm two years ago, but today, your website needs more than just keywords to make an impact with users and search engines alike.

Enhancing Your Search Results Without Keywords

Gaming search engines was never a strategy that had long-term potential -- after all, customers are turned off by pages and pages of useless garbage.  What they want is something they can use, be that information about new products, advice that helps them solve problems or entertaining content they can share with their friends.  When you build good quality content, keywords are more likely to appear naturally and feel like they belong there, enhancing the experience for your user. 

You’ll attract a lot more interest from users and establish better search engine rankings by building well-written blogs and establishing a social media presence across multiple platforms.  Get cozy with your readers by interacting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn -- as long as your message remains consistent, they will respond.  Blogging adds a new dimension, establishes you and your company as experts in your field and, best of all, generates lots of words for search engine to examine for relevance to determine your appropriate ranking in searches.

Making Yourself Shareable

Blogs are great, but words alone won’t win you rankings -- you also need to provide readers with things they can share with their social media networks to increase your reach.  Adding images not only enhances your articles, it draws attention to your work and creates a lasting visual impression.  Photos and art shouldn’t be for their own sakes, though – make sure your images add something to your content.

Infographics changed the world of newspapers when US Today started sprinkling them liberally into every issue 20 years ago -- they’re doing the same for the Internet today.  Your users appreciate it when you break down the information provided in long articles into easy-to-digest, colorful charts and graphs.  Even better, they’ll share them with their friends, even if they’re not prone to sharing articles in general.  The best infographics cram a lot of information into a small space, but they don’t give away the punchline -- users will still need to read the article to get your message.

Website owners can no longer game the system by keyword stuffing, but it’s not the end of the world.  By building engaging content and employing it across social networks, your expert voice will carry you higher through the search rankings.

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