What Can Google Do For Your Web Marketing?

7546440028 c5ff7eeb63 mYou don't always get what you pay for on the web, sometimes you get a lot more.  Take, for example, the expanding list of tools designed by Google. While Google Maps and Google Plus may be the first thing that you think of when it comes to Google tools, there’s actually a growing suite of products that can help professional marketers do their job better. Whether you’re handling marketing in house or working with an inbound marketing partner, Google can help.  

Google Analytics: This well known analytics program gives you valuable data about the visitors to your website, and the actions that they taken when they get there. Information on basic demographics, traffic sources and social engagement is available, as well as deeper insights such as conversion pathways. You can decide to go deeper with the analytics process by adopting a full blown inbound marketing platform, but Google Analytics can help you develop a baseline understanding of what is going on with your website.

Google Trends: Although keyword selection is just a small part of online marketing success, targeting important phrases is still important. Keyword selection helps you narrow down your choices, understand your audience better and spark new ideas. Google Trends shows you what's hot now in keyword usage. Use it to check out the searches that are popular at the moment or compare website traffic trends for your high-volume website.

Google Webmaster Tools: This free toolset helps you understand what is going on with your website so you can make future choices based on data rather than guesses. You may find that your conversion rate is so low because half of your call to action links are broken. The Google Webmaster Tools will check your site configuration, health, traffic and optimization and suggests ways of improving your users' web experience. This will create

Google Think Insights:  Back in March, Google announced the release of Google Think Insights, a detailed tool built for web marketers.  It's just the kind of tool kit that could make a web marketer weep from its sheer beauty.  Not only does it move industry news to one central place, it also provides marketers with access to webinars, research, ad campaigns and more from outside sources.  The Creative Sandbox allows you to submit ad campaigns for professional feedback and help out other marketers with their marketing.  Planning tools include a real-time insights finder, a consumer barometer, consumer surveys and trends.

Google is ready to help you! Using these tools as the basis for your inbound marketing will help you make important changes to your site on your own. Then for more extensive help, you can work with an inbound marketing partner to take your web marketing to the next level. 

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