Social Media and Lead Generation – Made for Each Other

pendiagram resized 600Do you believe in the power of social media? Or do you find yourself skeptical of the benefits it can provide for your company? Here’s a fact that might change your mind—social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. The reason? Well, social media and lead generation really are like two peas in a pod. In fact, when done correctly, social media can be critical at every step of your inbound marketing strategy.

Here are three characteristics of social media that make it great for attracting leads and closing deals: 

1. It Attracts Candidates Who Are Already Interested

Social media provides a way for people to search and connect with brands and people they are already looking to support. Basically, if they’re looking at your pages, they’re already somewhat interested in what you have to offer. Rather than having to yell out to your potential customers through outbound marketing, social media allows you to attract leads more subtly and authentically. A lead that comes in through social media is more likely to be engaged and interested in your product or service. 

2. It Encourages Real Relationships and Trust  

How did we close deals before the Internet? We would carefully build real relationships with our clients – start conversations, possibly take them to dinner, or partake in other personal gestures. We would slowly gain their trust and proceed to move in for the sale. Today, in this digital age, it is critical to provide people with a resource to connect with you in a more personal way—a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, etc. Think of social media as your way to allow your customers to get to know you and what you value most.

Social media encourages two-way conversations. It allows businesses to create real relationships with their potential clients in ways that traditional marketing techniques cannot. They have an outlet to express their delight or frustrations, and gives us a way to respond and establish trust. 

Trust and social media go hand in hand. In fact, 36% of people trust brands more when they have a social presence. Customers truly appreciate when a company provides them with a way to connect. Consumers are looking for your service or product regardless. You might as well give them a fun way to connect and build a relationship. 

3.  It Can Turn Fans into Your Best Promoters

One of the coolest parts about succeeding in social media marketing is that it can easily turn happy clients into your secret weapons for online promotion. Social media is all about sharing content – whether it be a retweet, a like, or a pin – and the people your clients are sharing with are their “friends” who probably trust their opinion. Thus the cycle comes full rotation, and now new potential customers visit your page to form their own relationships with you.

Whether you decide to address it or not, social media is an integral part of generating leads and closing deals. So get started! Don’t know how? Ask for some help

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