What to Look for in a CRM Solution

describe the imageTechnology has come a long way in recent years and a CRM solution is a popular way to manage a company’s customer database. According to Inc.com, “the term CRM describes methodologies, software, and often, Internet capabilities designed to help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized fashion.” With different platforms offering a variety of features and a large degree of customization, it’s necessary to know what you need before choosing a vendor. Here are four universal features to look for in a CRM solution.

1) Cloud-based Platform

The cloud has become an integral part of operations for many of today’s businesses because of its efficiency and ability to save time. By choosing a cloud-based platform, you can access your CRM database from practically anywhere in the world with a stable Internet connection. When there are inevitable upgrades required, the vendor will complete them for you so you can stay on the cutting edge without having to make new installations. By centralizing your company’s data, a cloud-based platform also makes it easy share information with team members conveniently in a secure virtual environment.

2) Social Media Integration

Marketing via social networks has become the cornerstone of many company’s campaigns. This inbound marketing technique is not only cost-effective, but is an excellent way to reach thousands or even millions of customers. Accordingly, it’s ideal for a CRM solution to sync up with sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This allows you to track your campaign and get a better sense of customer feedback. You can catch negative feedback quickly and address the issue and capitalize on positive feedback.

3) Mobile Capabilities

If you and your team members are always on the go and want to get tasks done on multiple devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, having mobile features is a must. A quality platform can be accessed on the device of your choosing and allow you to accomplish the same tasks that you would on a traditional desktop. This way you won’t be limited by location and the overall output of your team should increase.

4) Technical Support

Finally, it’s important to have 24/7 access to top notch tech support. Ideally, this will come at no added charge and there will be a minimal wait time whenever you need help. Because nearly every form of technology is bound to experience some glitches at some point, this will help you resolve any issues that arise with limited downtime. Although every business will have different needs, keeping these criteria in mind should ensure that you find a highly functional CRM solution. Once it’s been integrated, you can make your employees’ lives easier, be more organized, generate more leads and improve the overall customer experience.

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