Why Professional Social Media Management is a Must

clock resized 600If you’re in any way involved with the inbound marketing of your company or brand, then you have probably considered outsourcing your social media management. And if you have chosen not to, you probably have experienced the following scenario…You tell yourself, “We can keep up with this. It’s easy! We’ll just have each team member post once a week.” Or maybe you’ve even attempted to keep up with it all on your own. Maybe a month or even a few weeks down the road, your “campaign” has fizzled and you are left feeling defeated and frustrated.

 But guess what—there’s an answer! Hiring an inbound marketing partner to manage your social media accounts is an absolute must in today’s digital age. Here’s why:

1. They keep your branding consistent.

When it comes to social media for business, it is incredibly important to keep a consistent voice. When multiple people in your company are updating your Twitter or Facebook, you run the risk of sounding scattered and unprofessional. A professional can keep your message uniform.

2. They develop relationships with potential clients

Social media professionals realize the importance of developing rapport and trust among potential customers. They also understand how to utilize social media to provide a safe space for consumers to engage with your brand.

3. They know how to promote your content.

With professional management, you don’t run the risk of forgetting to cross promote your content. They will position your message in front of the right eyes that are interested in what you offer—and more likely to buy. 

4. They understand best practices.

Many times, self-managed social media campaigns fail from the start from a lack of understanding of correct formatting for a certain network. It may sound straightforward…but a hashtag in the beginning of a tweet, or a picture without the correct sizing can kill your engagement.

5. They are experts in social strategy.

You may feel like you’re doing your brand a service by posting a random picture of your cat…but without strategy behind your social posts, the likelihood that your lead will convert to a sale is slim. Social media is a fun marketing tool, but it is packed full with tactics. Without a strategy behind your words, you’ll just be noise.    

6. They can help you define your standards for social media success.

When would you consider your social media campaigns to be a success? A certain number of likes? A certain percentage of engagement? A professional can help you create goals, and let you know when you’ve reached them.

7. They can create fresh content.

Sometimes, in order to grow, you need a fresh perspective. Content truly is king. More and more focus is being placed on creating and sharing authentic words with your fans. Not only will you be rewarded in search engine rankings, but also within your existing client base. 

8. They can help with damage control.

Are you prepared to handle a social media catastrophe? More than likely, a professional has successfully navigated this uncharted territory. Save yourself the headache—let them.

9. It gives you freedom to do what you do best

Hiring an inbound marketing partner allows you and your company to better focus on primary responsibilities. More focus means more productivity. And more productivity usually means more money.

10. They know how to analyze the results.

A professionally managed campaign comes with detailed results and numbers. No longer will you be left guessing if your message is being heard, or if your efforts are even worth it. Professionals know how to create, manage, and track your campaigns from start to finish, adjusting their strategy when necessary.  

So don’t stress. Take a breather. And leave it up to the professionals.

Have you considered hiring an inbound marketing partner? 

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