Google+ and Your Technology Marketing: What You Need to Know Now

Google plus resized 600You are marketing a new technology that you believe in and know could be of great use to consumers. Unfortunately, your target market might be skeptical of a new product or service. In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever to build trust and authentic relationships with potential clients through social media. If you are looking for a way to establish your company as an authority in your industry…the answer is Google+.

Since its inception, Google+ has been rising in popularity in the social media marketing scene. It is the second most powerful social network, right behind Facebook. The source of its power can be attributed to the interconnected layers of the network (Google search, Google maps, YouTube, etc.).  Google+ is building the foundations for something that could last forever, and as a person invested in the success of your business—you should probably be on board.

So how can you harness the power of this ever-growing social site?

1. Set Up an Account

Every day, one billion search queries are entered into Google. It is the most popular way that consumers search for information online. The Google family is obviously highly invested in the success of Google+, and they are constantly finding new ways to integrate the social site into search results. As long as you are posting consistently and authentically about your key topic, the system will reward you by placing your content higher in Google rankings.

There is no reason to wait to set up your Google+ Page. The site is growing with or without you, and it is a crucial aspect of establishing your company’s online authority. If you haven’t already, set up a page for your company. 

2. Embrace New Features

Our favorite new feature is Google Authorship. Google has found a way to protect the content you create by linking it back to your Google+ profile. It also adds a tiny picture associated with the author. This gives your content the personal edge it needs to truly connect and reach out to the public. It also establishes trust and builds your online reputation.

Once you have established your Google+ page, you can set up the authorship feature. At this point you will just need to verify your e-mail address. It’s a simple set up, but you must be sure to update your Google+ page frequently and claim yourself the author each time.  From there you can keep an eye on your content’s performance using the Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Encourage Your Team to Connect

As a technology company, you should constantly be aware of the fact that people are looking to you to be thought leaders in your particular facet of the industry. Without that authority, there is no trust. And with no trust there are no sales. 

Encourage your team to create Google+ accounts for themselves. That includes your executives, sales team, and higher ups. Not only will it increase the chance that potential customers will be exposed to your product, it also promotes your company’s influence and prowess in the industry. 

What are your thoughts on Google+ and your technology marketing strategy? Has it helped you? We’d love to hear!

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