How to Utilize the New Analytics Feature on Pinterest

pinterest analyticsPinterest is a network that many businesses have chosen to incorporate into their social media marketing efforts. Although it doesn’t get the attention that Facebook and Twitter do, some experts think that it’s catching up on these social media titans. One recent feature that was added is Pinterest Analytics, which provides a variety of data to gain key insights into your campaign performance. Here are the basics of this new analytics feature and some ways your business can take advantage of it.


How Pinterest Analytics Works

In a nutshell, this platform allows you to see how your audience is responding to your content and what their overall preferences are. Whether it’s the pins from your profile or the content that’s getting pinned from your website, you can get detailed stats to learn more about your audience. According to Pinterest for Business, this platform helps you learn:

  • What Pins and boards from your profile people love most
  • What people like to save from your website
  • Who your Pinterest audience is, including their gender, location and other interests
  • What devices people use when they’re Pinning your stuff
  • How adding the Pin It button to your website leads to referral traffic from Pinterest

Why it’s Useful

Syncing your profile and website with this platform is beneficial because of the level of insight you have. Rather than relying on a hunch or speculation, you have access to concrete data to make your campaign more efficient and effective. You can tell how many visitors your website gets from Pinterest on any given day, the number of people that see your pins, how many pins come from your website and the average number of repins you receive.

Another interesting feature is the one that shows the average number of daily impressions and average daily viewers you get. This lets you know what your reach is and if you’re making progress or moving in the wrong direction. As data accumulates, you can tell which content is most popular among your audience and take measures to capitalize on trends. Ultimately, this analytics platform helps you fine-tune your campaign and devise new strategies so you get the most from marketing on Pinterest.


How to Utilize It

To begin, you must first have a business account, because analytics aren’t currently available for personal accounts. This link will help you get set up. After joining, you will then need to verify your website and you’re good to go. Once this is done, you can view this platform by clicking on the drop down menu on the top right-hand corner of your profile and clicking “Analytics.”

Just like Pinterest in general, Analytics is relatively intuitive and easy to learn. It operates much in the same way that Google Analytics does, so if you’ve got any experience with Google Analytics, you should be able to figure it out pretty quickly. Taking some time to explore the dashboard will get you up to speed and this article from Social Media Examiner goes over six important metrics that should help you quickly put this platform to use.

So if you’re looking to improve your social media presence, it should be well worth your time to set up Pinterest Analytics. Over time, you can improve your campaign significantly, maximize user engagement, generate more leads and increase sales.


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