How to Choose a Content Management System for Your Business Website

There are numerous content management systems (CMS) available for building a website.

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Groupon Drives Local Customers Through Social Marketing

Groupon is currently all the rage in the social media world and for good reason. It's a great service for customers and businesses alike. Customers take advantage of a great deal, and local businesses get new customers through the door.

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Leveraging Social Media for Small Business: Step One, Set up a Blog

As a fellow small business owner, I know that finding the time to utilize successful social media strategies in your marketing efforts can be daunting.

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I Know You Are a A Small Business But Your Website Sucks!

I am a big proponent of supporting local businesses. Especially small local businesses. Not because I think Walmart is evil or McDonald’s is poison. Actually I do think Walmart is evil and McDonald’s is poison but I have picked up an inflatable pool or two and scoffed down a big mac on occasion.

I try to shop at local businesses because of the quality and service.  The guy from Argentina at my local liquor store remembers me and has recommended some tremendous bottles of Malbec for $10.

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Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

It’s not uncommon for a few years to pass and a company gets the itch to do a website redesign.  It may well be necessary, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Too often redesigns are undertaken because of a perception that the site has a tired look and feel or a new technology is not being utilized. Remember that you spend a lot more time looking at your site than your customers do and that hot new technology may not be right for your customers or your business.

Whether it has been one year or five years since the last major site overhaul is not the issue. Ask yourself what business goals and objectives your site should be serving. Is it more sales,  generate more traffic via search engine optimization, improved customer support? Surprisingly many people don’t have a clear answer to this question.

When the business value of the site is clear, and accurate decision about where to spend your resources can be made. Make sure you tie your business goals to any web project you undertake.

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Inbound Marketing for Small Business

As a small business owner I spend a lot of time trying to find new customers. Many of the concepts that I learn about and implement successfully will also benefit my clients. One of these is an approach to attracting customers through "inbound marketing".

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