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The ABC's of Working with a Graphic Designer

You’ve decided it’s time. You need a new website. It’s old and tired and doesn’t engage your customers. But, where to begin? Here are the ins and outs of using a graphic designer to spruce up the old home front. 

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Brand Awareness

Without brand awareness, customers won't know the difference between your product or service and similar items offer by hundreds of other businesses online. No matter how good your products or services, if potential customers can’t differentiate you from the next business, your chances of getting the business are painfully small. Successfully increasing brand awareness requires four key components:
  • Target Audience
  • Your Message
  • Delivery
  • Consistency
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Small Business Branding... It's All About You

Apple’s iconic white once-bitten fruit, Tide’s rings and “Stuck on Band-Aid” are all familiar aspects of their respective brands. But small business branding doesn’t have the budget needed to splash these images all over televisions and magazines. So how can small businesses become noticed and recognized?

Effective Small Business Branding in the Internet Age

The first thing you need is a new way of thinking about branding. Today, it’s a lot more than a logo for advertising campaigns. To be effective, your brand needs to connect to others on an emotional level. You need to connect, engage and hold the attention of those eyes long enough to get them to remember who you are and what you can do for them.

To be effective, there are three things your brand must do:
  • Grab attention
  • Communicate the benefits of your business
  • Let your personality shine through

And that’s where the core of small business branding lies. Your personality will do more for your branding than any other aspect of the campaign. You and the things that make you unique will make your business stand out, get noticed and get customers.

It’s All About You

Some believe that differentiating your business from others and communicating personality are two different parts of small business branding. But I believe that they are one in the same. YOU are the thing that makes your business unique. Figure out what aspects of your personality made you succeed at starting your business and you will find the differentiators you seek.

For most small businesses, the owner is the greatest advocate you can find. You know the benefits your business brings because they are the main selling points you communicate every day when selling your service or product. You’re also the one with the strong personality who had the dream, took up the call and made your dream a reality.

Your confidence and drive will attract confident and driven customers that can appreciate you for who you are. They will identify with your brand and connect more readily to your personality and your business.
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