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The Difference in Content Marketing for B2B vs. B2C

Your content is what introduces your company to a potential buyer. That first impression determines whether a prospect is going to move to the next step in the buying process or go somewhere else for a product or service you offer.

Because your content is so important in getting leads and converting those leads into customers, you need to be absolutely sure that your content speaks to the right audience. For B2Bs and B2Cs, the purchasing process is very different. The tone of your content and the information included in it should take into account which audience you’re targeting.

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4 Best Practices You Need Now for Winning B2B Inbound Marketing

Like any form of marketing, the best practices for B2B change over time do to new tools and approaches. Managing inbound marketing – especially content – has become increasingly important to B2Bs, as the Content Marketing Institute’s latest B2B benchmarks, budgets and trends report showed.

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What Should You Be Measuring in Social Media Marketing?

Launching into a strategic social media marketing campaign can help you increase your brand’s strength, improve name recognition and get more ideally qualified leads into your pipeline. But what constitutes “good social media marketing”? It has to do with what you are measuring and why.

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What Does Content Have to Do with SEO?

If you want your site to rank well on Google (or any other search engine), you’re going to need content to get you there. Increasingly, content and content marketing are playing more important roles in the SEO process. While keyword rich content has always been important other factors – like the see your website.

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Is Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Built for Sales?

Inbound marketing represents in a fundamental shift in the way that marketing is done – and it’s all in order to meet the needs of today’s customers. But inbound marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it has to lead to sales. Since today’s customers want to be marketed to differently, it follows that they want to be sold to differently too.

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3 Problems with Content Writing Services – and How to Fix Them

Content marketing services are in high demand – and for good reason: they help businesses meet key objectives.

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3 Content Types to Sell Your Products and Services

If you really want to sell your product or services online, you can't rely on traditional sales and marketing/branding efforts alone. The sale often goes not to the business with the best marketing or even the/ best offering, but instead to the business who has won the market's trust and appreciation via useful content.

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What is Good Content Marketing on a Mid-Level Budget?

What counts as good content marketing for a mid-level budget? Your strategy should employ a balance of your strengths (speed and focus on good content) while avoiding things that businesses with large budgets might do better (such as trying to cover every aspect of your market’s concerns).

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How to Perform a Content Audit

If you’re ready to get started with inbound marketing, you need great content. But you don’t have to start from scratch. You probably have more existing content than you realize.

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Getting Started with Content Marketing? Here’s what to Expect

If you’re marketing online, you know these things:

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5 Lead Generation Content Ideas

If you're looking for some new lead generation material, you don't necessarily have to shell out thousands of dollars on new copy or a new campaign. With a very small amount of time and effort, you can repurpose existing content as exciting new lead-generating material. Here are five great ways to do just that. 

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How to Make the Most of Content Marketing Outsourcing

Content takes time. But it’s time well spent. With the right content approach, you can see increased traffic from search, more social media interest in your company and more qualified leads. But it’s not always possible to get the content you need written in house. Outsourcing content creation can help you feed the content beast and meet your marketing goals.

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3 Ways to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2013

2012 saw a few important changes in content marketing. The power of leveraging social images sites like Pinterest and Instagram are the most visible, although they certainly weren't the only changes. 

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3 Cases When Content Marketing is Not the Answer

Content marketing is an excellent inbound marketing strategy that proves value to customers while raising your rankings with Google and Bing. But, regardless of what some companies will try and sell you (since they can charge every month for it...), it is not the first step you should take to promote your business online!

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4 Types of Content Every Software Marketing Campaign Needs

Successfully marketing your software company is more than setting up a website and distributing a few press releases. You’ve got to accomplish four goals with your software marketing campaigns:

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How Content Marketing Helps Your Sales Process

Despite all of the great information out there on content marketing, many brands are missing the mark. They aren’t sure how content ties to sales, so they ignore all of the great advice out there on white papers, blog posts and social media updates. They don’t see a clear connection between what they publish and their sales figures.

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Software Marketing: 5 Reasons Content is Essential

Are you a software marketer who thinks that software can sell itself? This is your wakeup call! No matter how terrific your features are or how much time your development team has put into understanding the needs of your target market, your sales are going to suffer unless you market your software correctly.

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Five Tips For Marketing During A Recession

It’s up, it’s down. It’s up, it’s down. The market of late can be summed up in one word...wacky. The result is that your marketing budget is way down. With all this talk of double-dipping, volatile markets - and the falling sky...what is a small business owner to do? Well, advertise, for starters. 

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Utilizing Online Reviews to Spread the Word About Your Business

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What Am I Going to Blog About?

Who’s Going to Read My Blog?

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How to Skillfully Repurpose Content

I’m kicking it old school this week and going to see Phish - a band that is still selling out shows despite being, for lack of a better term, really old. What’s their secret? Well, I know one thing they’re really good at...they can sure repurpose content. I mean, how many times have you heard the song “Bouncing ‘Round the Room”? Enough said. Today, we’ll discuss how to use your well-written copy in multiple formats to give your content legs. 

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Using a Content Creation Service to Generate Your Marketing Content

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness...”

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Determining Website Content: Making Your Content Evergreen

When determining what content you’d like to include on your website, there are a lot of factors to consider. Obviously, the content should be engaging and easy to digest as we’ve discussed in previous posts. As well, you should strive to present a unique and helpful perspective in your content, to position yourself as a resource within your industry. Another important factor in determining website content is the concept of making it “evergreen”. This means, to ensure that your content stays fresh and valuable...attracting repeated visits to your site.

Creating well-written, resourceful content to market your business or service can be a daunting task, requiring much time and research. Because of this, it makes sense to make sure that the content that you are working hard to create stays current - and can be used and reused in your future marketing efforts. Enter the concept of evergreen content. So how do you go about achieving this? Take a look at these two examples of content:

Jack’s Diner has been serving up hearty fare for thirty years, since it’s grand opening in 1981.

Jack’s Diner has been serving up hearty fare for over (or nearly) thirty years.

The second example is evergreen content. When you’ve got a hankering for some mac and cheese, that text can be read on a menu at Jack’s today or in five years from today. Here are some rules of thumb to adopt when shooting to make your content evergreen:

  • No Dates
  • No References to Future or Near Past
  • No References to Current Pop Culture - i.e. tv, movies, music, celebrities
  • No Dated Reviews

The voice and narrative of your content is also an essential part of keeping your content timely. An all-knowing third party narrator - offering tips and resources to help or consumers solve problems and answer questions - helps to position the content as always current. It reads as sage advice - consistently valuable at any time. This concept also helps you to further position your business or service as an authority among your competitors.

Photo by Smithsonian Institution.

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User Personas: Getting to Know Your Customers

So who are your customers,   anyway? You might say that they are small businesses that are in need of a service or product. Nope, too  broad. I mean really, who are they? What are their needs, motivations, concerns, goals? Creating user personas for your customers is an increasingly important step in targeting your marketing efforts. As a business owner, you can work endlessly on marketing your product or service. But, if you cast too wide a net and don’t locate and engage your target audience, your efforts may go to waste. So how does one go about creating user personas for their customers? Today, we’ll discuss some tips on doing just that.


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Content Marketing Strategy: Sharing Information, Becoming a Resource

Gone are the days of the tri-fold marketing piece. Successful marketing collateral in today’s business climate is dependent on content marketing strategy. So, what is content marketing strategy? Content marketing is a term that describes marketing through multiple formats that, through the creation and sharing of content, engages current and potential consumers. The idea behind content marketing strategy is to deliver useful and valuable information to your customers to position yourself as an authority within your industry.

  • Creative – The start of this marketing bonanza is to create content about your business and industry. Through articles and blog posts, well written for keyword optimization, report on your industry to your visitors. This creates a place for them to return to when needing questions answered. Create e-books to walk them through challenges and post to social media sites to deliver your creative solutions to a broader audience.
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The Art of Effective Copywriting

I’m bored. I’m one paragraph into a website and I’m already bored. That’s the feeling that overcomes most potential customers when reading online. So, how do small businesses successfully capitalize on the many online marketing opportunities available to them? By engaging their readers with effective copywriting. Here are some tips to help you turn hits into leads:  

  • Keep it simple. The boredom scenario is less likely to happen if you keep things moving with simple, punchy text. Don’t over think it, or overwrite it.  
  • Know your audience. It’s a simple sentence, but the task can be hard to achieve. Take the time to envision yourself as your customer. How will the product or service that your company provides make their work or their lives better? Look at websites that provide a similar service. What did they do well? How could they have kept you more engaged?  
  • Use your copy for inbound lead generation. An entire blog can be written with tips on SEO writing alone, but here is what I feel to be the most important piece - write without keywords. Yes, at first, without them. Once you’ve written copy that you’re satisfied with, see where they fit. Your point will better resonate with readers if the keywords add to your copy, not confuse it.  
  • Consider hiring a pro. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. If writing is not your strong suit, think about bringing in someone to help you. Putting another eye to your ideas might be just what you need to ensure that you are communicating the value you can offer.  
Effective copywriting is key to successful online marketing, but it takes legwork and research to do it well. Give it the time that it requires and you’ll reap the benefits with an increase in sales.
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