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9 Technologies that Were Way Ahead of Their Time

With technology marketing, your company’s tech solution can get the recognition it deserves. Unfortunately for these advances, they didn’t have the benefit of technology marketing or timing. Even though these were all great ideas, they weren’t able to get the traction that leads to wide spread success and acceptance.

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High-Tech Marketing: Are You a Thought Leader or Follower?

Establishing your high tech company as a go to provider for your solutions is a multi-layered process. But one of the most important is creating leadership in your industry through the strategic sharing of ideas. Thought leadership is the process of sharing your ideas to influence your industry, show your expertise and prove to your prospects that your company is the right solution for their needs.

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Software Marketing: How to Deal with Dips in Traffic

You’ve been focused on growing your online audience. You’re adding content into your software marketing mix. You’re even paying attention to keywords more than ever before. As you analyze your monthly traffic stats, there’s a dip. What went wrong?

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How Content Marketing Helps Your Sales Process

Despite all of the great information out there on content marketing, many brands are missing the mark. They aren’t sure how content ties to sales, so they ignore all of the great advice out there on white papers, blog posts and social media updates. They don’t see a clear connection between what they publish and their sales figures.

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Website Marketing - 7 Ways You're Failing and What to Do About It

The old movie line “If you build it, they will come” isn’t true at all for your business’s website. Marketing your website and optimizing its effectiveness is an ongoing process – and when it’s mastered, it can bring hundreds of customers and millions of dollars in revenue.

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Three Keys to a Successful Homepage

Is your homepage helping or hindering your visitors? Are your bounce rates on this page through the roof? Chances are if you aren’t getting the results you expect from your website, your homepage is to blame.

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5 Signs Your Website Needs an Update

Your website is your online calling card. So why are so many software, tech and midsized businesses missing the mark with their web pages? They either aren’t sure of the benefits of updating a website, aren’t sure where they should be focusing their updating efforts – or don’t think it’s worth their time.

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What to Look for in an Inbound Marketing Partner

Interested in inbound marketing but not sure where to start? An inbound marketing partner can help you streamline the process, keep your ROI in check and increase your sales. But finding the right inbound marketing partner for your business is a tall order. The term “inbound marketing” is being used so much these days that it can be difficult to find a partner that is experience, qualified and able to help with your goals.

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