Marketing Your Business Online

3 Steps to Avoid the Google Keyword Data Freakout

Last time, we covered the news about Google’s secure search and what it means for targeted SEO campaigns. If you’re in the tech industry, you’ve probably been dealing with incomplete incoming traffic keyword data for some time now. According to BrightEdge’s research, the tech industry has had the highest rate of “not provided” keywords since the inception of Google Secure Search in 2010.

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What is the Inbound Marketing Process?

You’re ready to adopt an inbound approach. You’ve read the stats, are persuaded by the case studies and have even started to blog. But inbound marketing is a lot more than blogging or using social media. Inbound marketing is a step by step process that will create a specific path from stranger to prospect to customer to advocate.

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Which Inbound Marketing KPIs Should We Focus On?

The inbound marketing revolution means that your brand is publishing and producing more than it ever has before – and as a result, there is more data to work with. Once you’ve established your business goals, created an inbound marketing strategy and implemented the strategy through strategic content and social media marketing, you need to figure out what all of those pieces are doing for your business.

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