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Google Encrypted Search: What the Changes Mean for You

It seems like Google is regularly shaking up the search engine optimization game, and their latest announcement is no different. Although Google launched encrypted search almost three years ago, recent changes make this setting even more important for marketers to pay attention to. If you care about your search engine results, here’s what you need to know.

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User Personas: Getting to Know Your Customers

So who are your customers,   anyway? You might say that they are small businesses that are in need of a service or product. Nope, too  broad. I mean really, who are they? What are their needs, motivations, concerns, goals? Creating user personas for your customers is an increasingly important step in targeting your marketing efforts. As a business owner, you can work endlessly on marketing your product or service. But, if you cast too wide a net and don’t locate and engage your target audience, your efforts may go to waste. So how does one go about creating user personas for their customers? Today, we’ll discuss some tips on doing just that.


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Lead Generation Marketing in a Downturn Economy: Social or Search for your Small Business?

Got a headache yet? The options can seem endless when deciding on a campaign to market your small business online. So what is best for your business when trying to achieve lead generation marketing in a downturn economy? 


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SEO for Businesses with Limited Resources: Step I - Keyword Strategy

You keep hearing it over and over. Search Engine Optimization is vital to your online marketing strategy but it requires a lot of time. I know your time is limited so I thought I would outline the most important aspects of SEO and how you can get started.

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