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Hummingbird Search Engine Strategies for Education Companies

The Hummingbird has landed, and though the last few Google updates have spelled trouble for the way things were being done with SEO and Internet marketing, this one promises to make everybody’s life a little easier.  The main focuses of Hummingbird are more precise, conversational searching and increasing mobile web presence.  Along with Hummingbird came Secure Search, which may make a big impact on SEO keyword-based sites everywhere.

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Are You Thinking Beyond Keywords? You Should Be.

Penguin changed the SEO game in 2012, paving the way for the extinction of the SEO-stuffed website. Since then, increasingly intelligent algorithms – like the recent Hummingbird update - have been installed that can not only detect gamed websites full of senseless SEO, but websites with poor spelling, grammar and nonsensical content. Cheating the system might have been the norm two years ago, but today, your website needs more than just keywords to make an impact with users and search engines alike.

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What Should You Be Measuring in Social Media Marketing?

Launching into a strategic social media marketing campaign can help you increase your brand’s strength, improve name recognition and get more ideally qualified leads into your pipeline. But what constitutes “good social media marketing”? It has to do with what you are measuring and why.

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Is a Marketing Partner or Freelancer Better for Your Business Goals?

I’m going to be honest with you – inbound marketing takes work. It gets results, but it takes work. And that might be work that your team doesn’t have time to do. Whether it’s improving your site wide SEO, redeveloping your website or creating compelling content, you may need some outside help to create inbound marketing success.

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How to Overcome Facebook’s News Feed Update

Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users so it makes sense to spend time marketing there. But with all the changes Facebook has been through lately, it can be frustrating to get a foothold on the platform. Latest of which are the updates to the News Feed.

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3 Ways to Create Amazing Content Titles

It's been said by direct response advertisers that the headline of an add does 80% (or more) of the work. And while headlines might not carry such a huge weight in content, one thing is for sure: without a good title, very few people will find and read what you’re publishing on your blog.

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3 Elements of Successful Education Company Landing Pages

Driving traffic to a landing page with a targeted offer is a smart move for your education company. This marketing strategy not only helps you gather new leads but it can give you important clues about what does, and does not, motivate your ideal clients to take the next step with you.  

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How to Tie Your Software Marketing Needs to Your Website

Many entrepreneurs and programmers assume that if a given piece of software is good enough, it will spread in popularity and make money with little marketing on the part of the owners. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

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