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What Should You Be Measuring in Social Media Marketing?

Launching into a strategic social media marketing campaign can help you increase your brand’s strength, improve name recognition and get more ideally qualified leads into your pipeline. But what constitutes “good social media marketing”? It has to do with what you are measuring and why.

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Inbound Marketing: Where Should You Spend Your Social Media Time?

Is social media marketing worth your time? Here are some stats for thought.

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How to Perform a Social Media Audit for Your Inbound Marketing

According to Customer Think’s research, 56% of B2B businesses are increasing their marketing spending on social media this year. This means that the chances your competitors are growing mature, lead generation social programs is very high. You owe it to the growth of your company to consider how social fits into your marketing plan, and how you can leverage it.

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Two Big Ways Social Media and SEO Can Help Skyrocket Your Rankings

If your business doesn't have a big social media presence, chances are you've been advised to get one. And while there has been a certain amount of hype around “going social”, there is also a very concrete reality behind the hype.

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Two Essential Inbound Marketing Tips for Software Companies

When done correctly, inbound marketing can show more ROI than any other part of your online marketing campaign. The key here, though, is doing it correctly—and many software companies do not.

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How to Leverage Google+ for Your Technology Company

There’s only so much time – and resources – you can use to market your technology company. That’s why it’s so important to make your efforts count. If you’re making social media a bigger part of your technology marketing in the next year, Google+ deserves your attention.

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35 Tips for Better Social Media Engagement

Is your social media presence not bringing the results you want? Your engagement strategy may be the culprit. Social Media Marketing is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy so it’s essential that you make connecting with your audience on social platforms a priority.

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