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What Can Google Do For Your Web Marketing?

You don't always get what you pay for on the web, sometimes you get a lot more.  Take, for example, the expanding list of tools designed by Google. While Google Maps and Google Plus may be the first thing that you think of when it comes to Google tools, there’s actually a growing suite of products that can help professional marketers do their job better. Whether you’re handling marketing in house or working with an inbound marketing partner, Google can help.  

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Use Closed Loop Marketing to Drive Efficient Lead Generation & Sales

Closed loop marketing is a process of gathering data for the purpose of refining and improving lead generation.   “Closed loop” refers to the cycle of customer interaction that goes from the site visit, to the conversion into a lead, to the sale.

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Lead Generation Marketing in a Downturn Economy: Social or Search for your Small Business?

Got a headache yet? The options can seem endless when deciding on a campaign to market your small business online. So what is best for your business when trying to achieve lead generation marketing in a downturn economy? 


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Search Engine Analytics - Keyword Analysis

Last week we discussed key metrics related to search engine analytics. Today lets dive into the keywords.

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Search Engine Analytics: Understanding the Metrics

Happy New Year small business owners. Prior to the holiday we focused on constructing paid search campaigns designed to drive traffic to your website. This week we’ll continue the conversation, this time taking it in the direction of search engine analytics, focusing on analyzing the traffic coming to your site. We boldly confirmed that as small business owners we know that:

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