Using Inbound Marketing to Stand out like a Firework

The Fourth of July means barbeques, beach weather and, of course, fireworks. It’s hard not to be attracted by the bright colors and beautiful bursts of fireworks on Independence Day. They grab your attention and stand out in a way that makes you think: wouldn’t it be nice if you could get people to notice your product or service in the same way?

Untitled_designLet’s Talk about Inbound Marketing

Instead of buying lists of email addresses, purchasing ads and pressuring leads into buying your product, inbound marketing is a form of marketing that draws leads to you. The idea is to create spectacular content that attracts potential customers so they come to you rather than you needing to go out and demand attention from them. Not only is inbound marketing cheaper, but leads are more likely to find and trust you as well.


Fireworks operators and crews spend loads of time planning out fireworks shows to make them amazing. When it comes to inbound marketing, you have to spend time preparing and planning as well. You want content that is cohesive, promotes your brand and wows people. Just as it is with fireworks, great planning and preparation will produce incredible results.


If a fireworks show consisted of one type of firework that was the same color over and over again, it would get boring pretty quickly. The same goes for your inbound marketing strategy. You need to mix it up and try different ways to interest and excite leads. Having a blog full of articles is great, but try something new like producing an ebook or creating a video. Don’t forget to switch up the topics too! An authoritative piece that depicts you as a leader in your industry works great with a light piece that is fun and shows a bit of your personality.


Fireworks aren’t being shot off at 6 AM every day of the week for a reason. When it comes to your inbound marketing strategy think about timing and what topics are relevant to your audience right now. When there’s a hot topic in your industry, don’t start posting about it six months too late. You want to be seen as a leader which means you need your marketing efforts to reflect what your customers are thinking about right now.


Just as you don’t want your uncertified, untrained next-door neighbor setting off fireworks, you don’t want just anyone doing your inbound marketing. Inbound marketing professionals don’t just have experience creating content that resonates with people, they understand best practices in getting that content found. They have been trained in ways to help you rank higher in search results as well as getting found by the right audience.

If you really want to stand out and attract new customers, inbound marketing is your best bet. Plan out your amazing content and use a variation of topics that are relevant to your audience.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Christy Laubach is an inbound and content marketer at Greenroom Interactive. A graduate of Babson College, she has a degree in Business Management and has worked with companies such as Constant Contact and WGBH. Marketer by day, trivia host by night, Christy was once voted most likely to spontaneously combust from enthusiasm.

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